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STE Web site in few words

Freelance informatique, missions test logiciel et autres annonces d'emploi en Europe

Software Testing europe -STE- is a recruiting site (jobboard-like), which is specialised in Software Quality and Testing for France, England (UK) and all Europe.

This site has been created by test enthusiasts and professionals.

This first version of the site is still a Beta version. For the time being, all services will be available for free for all members! You are welcome to also use this time to suggest improvements to the site.


This website is meant for recuiting agencies and software testing companies, HR departments from large IT companies, IT Directors, as well as training centres offering courses in the field of testing.

As far as applicants are concerned, the site is meant for job-applicants looking for a permanent position, consultants/freelancers looking for software testing job and mission, and finally recruiting agencies with test experts available (joint-contracts).

The purpose is to build up a database with resumes of test experts in France and rapidly across Europe.

- For software testing companies:

Relevant searches: the interest of STE is the ability to distinguish more easily between the different profile types. Apart from keywords, searches will be able to include two main factors: the families of software testers (functional, technical, integration, performance or stress testers, project managers, quality and process managers...) and the domain of activity, which is very important in our branch (bank, insurance, ICT, imaging, industry...).

Easier contact making: if a person has a Skype account, his or her availability will be known in real time and recruiters will then be able to contact applicants with more ease and lower costs throughout Europe.

Increased trust: companies will be able to evaluate the profile of freelancers (with their prior agreement) after a mission. That will help increase the level of confidence for companies when searching for experts and will also allow the best freelancers to be put forward on the site.

A comprehensive set of extra services: companies will be able to advertise training courses in the field of testing online and to edit articles or complete thematic files on any specific subject.

- For applicants:

Save time and improve efficiency: STE makes it possible to swiftly get a general view of the software testing open positions in France and in the rest of Europe. Adding a resume is made simple thanks to the import of LinkedIn profiles. The companies listing allow identifying recruiters with regular needs. The "My Account" function makes it possible to keep track of all personal activities within one page.