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Software testing articles

Software-Testing-Europe puts at your disposal interesting software testing articles. For an introduction to the field of software testing and software validation or to track new technology of software testing, you will find relevant informations.

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Quality in the Cloud: The new Role of TestOps
Published : 13/03/2012 Published by : ADM STE
"TestOps" is a new one, but it encapsulates a new way of thinking about how we test and ensure quality of cloud services.
Signature: Seth Eliot

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Test Driven Development - TDD
Published : 24/10/2010 Published by : ADM STE
Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle
Signature: STE , 24/10/2010

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ISTQB books & preparation Guide
Published : 16/10/2010 Published by : ADM STE
Are you looking for books or informations to organise your ISTQB trainning or certiifcation ? Here, some links from the ISTQB site.  
Signature: Software Testing Europe / Webmaster / , 16/10/2010

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3 matches